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Spirit of Yagé: Ayahuasca Journeys in the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon

Don Alfredo, from the Camsá people of Colombia, playing the harmonica during the Ayahuasca ritual Photo credit: J. Samboni

Epic Ayahuasca Journeys in the Colombian Amazon, with the Indigenous Master shamans (Taitas) of Putumayo.

01-14 April 2015, 01-14 May 2015, 02-15 June 2015, 01-14 July 2015, 01-11 August 2015

Most enchanting Ayahuasca journeys with the powerful indigenous senior Indian shamans (Taitas) of Putumayo, in Southern Colombia. There still live the true master shamans depositories of the ancestral knowledge of Yagé and its most intimate and supernatural secrets. There, among the native shamans, the Ayahuasca medicine is also known as Ambihuasca and Purihuasca. This is an incomparable journey of empowerment, wonder, healing and transformation, amid a spectacular uncontaminated nature of unrivalled beauty, with the cool crystalline waters of splendid cascading waterfalls, rivers and canyons, in the middle of thick cloud forest and jungle vegetation, in a unique environment, at the foot of the Andes and at the beginning of the Amazon.

Continue through our Ayahuasca journeys and shamanic retreats in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, near Iquitos.

Our Shipibo Ayahuasca and plant diet retreats in Peru are ONGOING, all year round. You may choose your preferred dates. Email us on to book/reserve your place.

Maestra Ercilia, from the Shipibo people of Peru Photo courtesy: Stephan Von Hoff

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